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Are you living your dream life? Ever thought of running for public office? Or becoming Chair of the Board or CEO? Maybe being in the media is your thing. The world needs more women at the helm in our boardrooms, in business, and in political and judicial chambers, globally – NOW!

If you are passionate about making a difference and you have no idea where to start, then let Claudette Cain Coulas help you find your passion.

Claudette’s experience in winning five consecutive elections, being a successful entrepreneur, hosting her own tv and radio shows, writing for a daily newspaper and serving as a member of the judiciary in Ontario Canada have cleared the path for this provocative and straightforward dynamo to help you answer the call for the life of your dreams.


To finally break the cycle of fear and anxiety around trying to get elected or starting your own business, becoming CEO or reaching your most inner peace and serenity – without being a seasoned speaker, without having to compromise your integrity and without having an arm’s length of degrees. You will see the power of Claudette’s Roadmap to Passion, Poise and Power. This sure-fire method will get you leading the way as a star ready for action!


This powerful toolkit will position you as a formidable leader who can smash through any barrier of fear and cement your legacy of a “Can Do” powerhouse. You will find your inner strength and resilience to meet the exciting challenges which lie ahead.


How to get off the roller coaster of fear and anxiety and develop a winning mindset!

How your passion can work for you even before you have settled on your dream job.

Discover your "WHY" for aspiring to become the CEO of your own life.

How to be a trusted influencer and courageous straight shooter.

How to break down the barriers of skepticism and negativity towards female trailblazers by showing up as the real deal.

The importance of your core values, your vision and your credibility.

A blended recipe to inspire people and attract success by your own authentic presence.

I’m so proud to see more and more strong women leaders making life-changing decisions around the world on a daily basis. I hope you’re convinced that you too can reach your dreams.  The Honourable Sheila Copps

6th deputy Prime Minister of Canada

When you work with Claudette Cain Coulas, you’re really working with a feisty visionary who can and will turn your dreams into reality. Jo-Anne Poirier

President & CEO, Victoria Order of Nurses

Every part of the globe can benefit from strong leaders at the helm. Women bring such a unique perspective to problem solving and innovation. Claudette’s book Ladies Take Your Place is a sure fire recipe for anyone aspiring to become a powerful game changer. Martine (Johnson) Chantraine

Three terms on Iqaluit Council (one term as mayor)

I served with Claudette when we were both Mayors. We didn’t always agree, but I always came away impressed with Claudette Cain.

I encourage women to get involved in the political process. Take a page from Claudette Cain on what success is all about. His Worship Jim Watson

Current Mayor City of Ottawa

To those of you who are on the fence about pursuing your passion for public service, I say “Go for it!” Let me assure you that Claudette can help you get on the right path to win your election. It is an honourable calling, which I enjoyed for more than four decades. I hope you do too. Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mayor of Mississauga

If you want first class mentoring, support, encouragement and education, then Claudette Cain Coulas is the coach for you. Her winning combinations in your customized transformation roadmap will put you on a path to reaching your dream job and an amazing life of peace, joy and gratitude. Nabil Hanna

Pharmacist/Owner, Shoppers Drug Mart

Be true to yourself, have a trusted mentor, don’t read comments on social media and be a voice for people at the council table. I know Claudette Cain can help you get there. Carol Anne Meehan

Councillor, City of Ottawa

If you want to win your election with passion, poise and power….get it straight from the guru who won five consecutive times and worked with many others who won in the last 30 years. Jennifer Gauthier-Kuehl

Three term Councillor, Laurentian Valley

Claudette Cain Coulas is passionate about helping people get exactly what they want in life. Whatever your gig, be it politics, entrepreneur, communications or a simple, peaceful life, Claudette’s toolkit will propel you to amazing heights. Natasha Beitman


Claudette Cain Coulas did it five times and she can help you win your election too…with class. Merle Nicholds

Three term Mayor of Kanata

I met Claudette Cain more than 25 years ago and we soon realized we had something important in common. That is the belief, deep down in our soul, that women can and do deliver when it counts the most. My financial experience has also shown me time and time again that when women support each other, it leads to incredible and amazing success.

I’m excited that more women will have the opportunity to learn from Claudette how to make a real difference in this world. “Ladies, Take Your Place” is my friend Claudette, telling it like it is, as she always does. Kathy Mcmillan CIM®, CFP ®, R.F.P., CFDS, CeFT®Director

Wealth Management, Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager of McMillan Wealth Solutions

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